A rare and fascinating territory

Candelo and neighborhood

Candelo's Village

The medieval village of Candelo is one of the best preserved examples of this type of medieval structure found in various locations in Piedmont and in some areas of central Europe. It is located in the municipality of Candelo, in the province of Biella.

Sanctuary of Oropa

The sanctuary of Oropa is a Marian shrine – dedicated to the Black Madonna – located a dozen kilometers north of the city of Biella, about 1,159 meters above sea level, in a natural amphitheater of mountains that surround the city below and are part of the Biella Alps

Biella's Piazzo

Il Piazzo is a historic district of the city of Biella, in Piedmont. It constitutes the medieval part of the city; is placed on a rise (480 m asl) at a higher altitude than the more modern part called the Biella Piano.


The Burcina-Felice Piacenza Nature Reserve is a protected wooded area of about 57 hectares established in 1980 with the law of the Piedmont Region and located between the municipalities of Pollone and Biella. The Municipality of Biella owns almost three quarters of the entire surface.